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Its hard to ignore a story I read on Wikeez concerning a scenario where a Saudi man’s sexual adventures were boasted on LBC’s Satellite edition, which raised an alarm in the Kingdom and resulted in his arrest. The fellow accused the show of deceit. Here’s an excert of the article, feel free to read the […]

The gowns are cut low, slashing down to the navel, or low in the back, swooping below the waist, inset with delicate see-through fabric. They couldn’t be further from the modest dress generally worn by women in the Muslim Arab world. Yet these fashions come from Lebanon, a tiny Arab country of four million on […]

With the election of a new parliament, we have a real chance to explain to the new government that Broadband is truly a priority for the Lebanese people and businesses. Fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity is the pre-requisite for economic and social development in the 21st century. We already have secured the support of all […]

  Découvrez ce mois-ci dans l’Orient Le jour Junior : Michael Jackson, l’inoubliable roi de la pop. Les solutions pour traiter la pollution de la mer. Les pour et les contre une année sabbatique après le bac. Une collection de joujoux très design. Des astuces pour bien choisir vos lunettes de soleil. Une sélection de […]

According to statistics released by the Lebanese Customs, France became the first provider of Lebanon for the first four months of 2009. Lebanese imports from France reached 524 million at end April 2009, placing France in the first position, ahead of the United States and China, respectively ranked first and second rows last year. In […]

After reading the explanation feel free to Google News the keywords “Smart Power” today. IN TRADITIONAL international conflicts, the side with the stronger military force tended to win. In today’s information age, it is often the party with the stronger story that wins. Thus in addition to their shooting and killing, Israel and Hezbollah are […]

Semantics, a field of inquiry all of it’s own. “Smart” power means a combination of “hard” power — to coerce by military or other means — and “soft” power — the power to convince and persuade through trade, diplomacy, aid and the spread of values. The phrase is relatively recent addition to the diplomatic phrasebook, […]

WorriedLebanese stumbled upon a very small news item yesterday that wasn’t given much attention by the Press. Samir Doumit, the former head of the Lebanese Order of Engineers, replaced Salim Diab as head of the temporary commission to restructure the Future Movement. I found this information quite interesting. Second reform committee, two years after foundation Hardly two […]

The New York Times published an article concerning the new Beirut Art Center in the Art & Design section, rarely Beyrouth is seen in such categories. Funny how we get our news out of New York. Here’s an excert of the article, and a slideshow of the center. Along the Beyrouth River just outside of […]

Nagib Aoun – C’est la partie immergée de l’iceberg, celle dont peu ont conscience, celle qui est enfouie sous des tas d’immondices, déjections fétides d’une vie politique qui n’arrive pas à s’élever au niveau des urgences nationales. Subrepticement, sournoisement, le travail de sape est entrepris sous le couvert de la résistance à la résistance culturelle, […]

Beyrouth a été choisie par l’UNESCO pour être « Capitale mondiale du livre » du 23 avril 2009 au 22 avril 2010.Lettresà vous êtes invités à adresser une lettre à la ville de Beyrouth pour exprimer vos sentiments à son égard, votre amour ou vos incompréhensions, votre nostalgie ou vos souvenirs, votre vie quotidienne ou […]

By Jenny Carless – Cisco Just like when any country elects new leaders – citizens and the business community have high hopes that their new representatives will continue making progress across many sectors of society. In particular, many Lebanese are looking to the new parliament and government to recognize and act upon the strong momentum, […]

More secrets emerged today about the Bush administration. Former Vice President Dick Cheney ordered the concealment of a secret CIA counterterrororism program for eight years, the New York Times reported, though the scope of the program is unknown. CIA Director Leon Panetta told the Senate and House intelligence committees that he ended the program when […]

Launched on July 9th 2009, is a website by Banque Libano-Française (BLF) which aims at promoting international trade for any Lebanese business. It is, actually, a new version of an older website launched in 2003 under the name which had been very successful with over 3500 different visitors per month. With this initiative, […]

Réalisé à l’occasion de la nomination de Beyrouth capitale mondiale du Livre 2009, le nouveau film de Jocelyne Saab, « Qu’est-ce qui se passe », n’est pas un documentaire, contrairement à ce qui était initialement prévu. Il s’agit finalement d’un long métrage de fiction, qui permet au public de découvrir le Liban sous un autre angle. Il […]

I’ve seen absurdity, but this is by far the most harsh campaign you can launch on Lebanon. A cultural campaign hits it right at its heart. When asked how would Hezbollah’s mouth piece, Al Manar can damage and change Lebanon’s image and identity, this is precisely one mean. To ease the pain, L’Orient-Le Jour’s cover […]


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