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From the lack of local blogs mentioning this, I’d like to share some not well circulated news concerning the Middle East with the circle. Recently news have been pouring concerning the Middle East pointing to a big change in policy for Israel and it’s increasingly uncomfortable position, what no one expected was,  secret talks with […]

The implications of forming a new Goverment may prove to be a little challenging. Our new Prime Minister, son of slain Rafic el Hariri has took the challenge of his father as the next Prime Minister of Lebanon. The world, and certainly Lebanese know very well, young Sheikh Saad has big shoes to fill. Saad […]

The Obama administration is opposed to regime change in Iran. President Obama believes in the concept of moderate Islamism; hence, his support for Turkey’s crypto-Islamist government and his undermining of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in an attempt to curry favor with the Muslim Brotherhood.  An overthrow of Iran’s Islamist system would complicate matters for Obama, […]

Surely, you must be following the current climate concerning a potential new U.S. foreign policy for the Middle East. June 6, 2009 – President Barack Obama prepares to depart for his first trip to the Arab world, the administration’s escalating pressure on Israel to freeze all growth of its settlements on Palestinian land June 16, 2009 – […]



In partnership with, is holding it’s 2009 JOB FAIR this October in Beyrouth, Lebanon. Oct 16 & 17, 2009  UNESCO – Beyrouth, Lebanon If you are a Job Seeker or an Employer interested in hiring Lebanese please visit for more information about the upcoming Job Fair.

La 28ème édition de la fête de la musique dimanche 21 juin investira les rues du centre-ville, de Gemmayzé et de Hamra à partir de 20h. You may also check the event’s page on Facebook. En tout près de 50 groupes se produiront. THERMES ROMAINS 20h00 à 20h30 Bayat (Oriental) 20h40 à 21h10 Champlain (Chanson française) […]

Astrophysical scientist at Princeton University and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Edgar Choueiri’s research has developed plans for spaceships to fly to Mars on plasma fuel. In an interview with the daily pan-Arab al-Hayat on Tuesday, Choueiri said: “Space ships that traveled to Mars in the mid 1960’s only worked on photographing the […]

Take part in making history! Come help Tollab – the Lebanese students’ federation in Montreal – in one of the biggest record breaking events of 2009!   It is within the framework of the annual Lebanese festival in Montreal (held on June 19th, 20th and 21st 2009) that Tollab, in collaboration with MAESTRO travel, aims […]

“The Obama Speech”, as in the historic speech U.S. President Barak Obama gave to the University of Cairo on June 4, 2009.

Got an hour and half to burn? Hit the HQ button, turn on captions, click the full screen, sit back and enjoy. [Unfortunately the captions are only in English] Director – Yann Arthus-Bertrand.  Got the urge for some activism, subscribe to the Lebanese Green Party.

It is our sincere hope that the next government will continue along the path towards building a sovereign, independent and stable Lebanon,” Obama said in a statement.  “Government of the people and by the people sets a single standard for all who hold power: you must maintain your power through consent, not coercion.“ “The high […]

The Lebanese Association of Democratic Elections (LADE) had the following violation of interest in their report published yesterday: 8. The following television stations were observed: TL, NBN, NTV, MTV, Future News, LBCI, Manar, ANB During LADE’s observation of the audiovisual media outlets, the following results emerged: Preliminarily claiming victory for one group. Bias of reporters […]

In 24 hours, the dust settled from 4 years of blah. The Lebanese people today have spoken, and it is up to our elected politicians to deal their matters in trust we have in them, for us to mind our own businesses, as summer09 is looking more like a breeze of peaceful outings.

The subject matter is something we hold dear, and makes a great addition to our circle ethics archive.

This is the first time I listen to Hariri Jr. for more than ten minutes. For a period of three hours, I was introduced through Marcel Ghanem to this young, and ambitious Lebanese patriot in trust and conscience. If you ask me, it’s definitely a change of heart towards this man. A patriotic, nationalistic and courageous young […]

I stayed up till 3 am to listen to Obama’s speech on Al Jazeera English. I doubted he would mention Lebanon, as the country is traversing Parliamentary Elections. U.S. President Barak Hussein Obama addressed the whole Muslim world from Cairo. My jaw dropped while chewing, as the U.S. president mentioned the Maronites in Lebanon, the […]

Ideology… takes decades to refine. Forgive my bluntness, as a bias observer only to the Christian seats in the Metn Area, more precisely one seat, actually it’s the difference in number of votes. I really don’t care what the other goons are doing, they’re lowering the standard of what to expect. Also, I have stated my predictions […]

Well it’s about time. For one of the major news portals, whether a Journal, News site, Visual/Audio media or simply a local Interactive agency to finally take the initiative of developing a collaborative social medium for Lebanon. A long awaited niche, pre-nurtured by nature. Lebanese adore politics. I may go a bit into techno-rubish from […]

Arts World asks if the ubiquitous political posters in Lebanon are art or propaganda. 

U.S. President Barak Obama is holding his ground on Israel. As he prepares to travel to the Arab World, he reiterated on NPR that he supports a freeze on settlements and said “Part of being a good friend is being honest. And I think there have been times where we are not as honest as […]

I swear to you – I am striving on keeping an objective point of view in these elections, as I have done in the past three years, and we have a whole written blog on each post that you are free to search and browse to testify my case . I’m looking at the Elections in Lebanon […]

The innercircle has first-hand experienced a ‘cold approach‘, CBC just released this story. CBC – Canadians who are flying to Lebanon on free plane tickets provided by party supporters could tip the difference in a close parliamentary election in that country. Corporate sponsors are paying for hundreds of supporters of the pro-Western Future Movement in […]

One of the fools here at the Innercircle (speaking on their behalf) have been following the Lebanese elections closely; “Though, I am forbidden to vote, I nagged at the embassy by a phone call, because the Lebanese Government, has delayed letting Lebanese residing abroad to vote, in order to pitch in our ideals for a Lebanon as a beacon. […]

About Bareed Mista3jil “Bareed Mista3jil” is a brave new book published by Meem in Beirut, Lebanon. The book, available in both English and Arabic versions, is a collection of 41 true (and personal) stories from lesbians, bisexuals, queer and questioning women, and transgender persons from all over Lebanon. The introduction to the book is a […]

Al Jazeera English has just published a long awaited documentary entitled the “Family Business”, describing the historical, deeply rooted, Lebanese family of the Gemayels. This four part documentary starts with the one below. part two    |    part three    |    part four


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