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Nous allons déployer 30.000 soldats et policiers autour des bureaux de vote et des régions avoisinantes et 20.000 ailleurs à travers tout le pays“, a indiqué à l’AFP le ministre de l’Intérieur Ziad Baroud dimanche. Ziad Baroud est un indépendant au sein du gouvernement d’union nationale. Le plan établi par les autorités “tient compte des […]

To all those living abroad, LBC has made it easy for us to keep an eye on the Lebanese Elections this time around. has an interactive map of the elections in Lebanon, and my favorite, a legal way of watching the most viewed political (and independent) show of the charismatic Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam el Nass. The portal unfortunately does […]

Sir George Anthony Arab 87. It is with deep sorrow and heavy hearts that we announce the peaceful passing of a truly distinguished gentleman. A beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, George Arab passed away on May 25, 2009, at home, surrounded by his loving family. George was born in 1922 in Diman, Lebanon. The […]

The Lebanese Interior Ministry launched Wednesday a website,, devoted entirely to the June 7 parliamentary polls. The website contains relevant elections-related information for candidates, monitors, journalists and the public. The ministry also launched an four-digit (1790) elections hotline for queries and complaints. The site is in Arabic, French and in English. Keep track of personal observations […]

You may have heard of the Angry Arab News Service. Yesterday, Asad Abu Khalil, author of the blog, stated the following: March 8 and their supporters are denying the obvious*: that Gen. Aoun has lost support among Christians since 2005. I saw one survey in Metn* which indicated that Aoun support among Maronites stands at no more […]

Search for Common Ground (SFCG), an international conflict transformation NGO, created Kilna Bil Hayy, or “All of Us in the Neighborhood,” in the hope of enlightening young viewers to the commonalities shared between Lebanon’s different communities. The 13-part series, which was funded by Denmark’s Rockwool Foundation, focuses on six families who live in the same […]

Nothing inspires me to put this among this circle than a deep conviction of a well worth viral.

I was thrilled when U.S. President Barak Obama appointed Senator Joseph Biden as his running mate last year.  Yesterday, he stood in Beyrouth, along side our president exchanging hugs and wishes. It is the first such high U.S. profile to visit Beyrouth since 1983. VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: President — President Suleiman, thank you very much […]

Within this labored recovery, tourism forecasts had a history of being rather unreliable in Lebanon and expectations for massive growth in inbound tourism have been hyped repeatedly beyond what proved possible over the years. Expectations of finally breaking the 2 million mark sometimes looked genuine such as in 2006 when 460,000 visitors were counted in […]

Un grand spectacle sur les 7 000 ans du Liban depuis les Phéniciens, les Grecs, les Romains, les Mamelouks, les Ottomans…, aura lieu : le dimanche 24 mai 2009 à 16h00 et à 19h au Palais de l’Unesco – salle I 125 avenue de Suffren, Paris VIIe avec le parrainage du Sénat, l’association des Maires […]

The Future Movement of Saad el Hariri has a great political consulting firm, which coined the term and humorously used by Sayed Nasrallah in a recent speech. A battle of creative campaigns in Lebanon are taking toll, this year being the most expensive and organized campaigns in Lebanon’s history; The Change & Reform block and the Future Movement have stood […]

Le programme de l’édition 2009 du festival international de Byblos (20 juin – 12 août) a été annoncé hier mardi, et les amateurs de musique ne devraient pas être déçus… Les amoureux de la musique ne peuvent pas manquer le prochain festival de Byblos 2009, qui leur offre un rendez-vous incontournable avec de  vraies légendes […]

This years line up of artists for the Beiteddine festival are simply sublime! The opening of the Beiteddine festival on July 2nd will lead the stage by Egyptian Diva Oum Kalsoum, followed by French legend Charles Aznavour on the 9th of July, and the much loved Gad el Maleh three days later on the 13th & […]

Lebanese on facebook networked their way to social activism which is largely becoming a medium in Lebanon. With a population of around 4 million Lebanese residing in the country and that number multiplied abroad, Lebanese have managed to convince management in Kuwait to retract the decision of banning alcohol at that supermarket. Update : In […]

We recently posted about Flying Kebab, a journey of a Brazilian to Lebanon for an acclaimed inheritance. I suggest watching the second webisode of on their site as you can watch it in HQ at

I received this message from several sources, and seems to be a niched hyped up affair. Read it if you haven’t been on the forwarding list. TSC Plus (ex Monoprix) supermarket vend l’alcool dans une section fermée et bien isolée. Votre ‘honteuse’ bouteille d’alcool, vous devez la payer à une caisse à part! DEKKANE qui […]

Nando, a brazilian photographer, receives an arabic letter revealing that he has an inheritance in Lebanon. The pilot of Flying Kebab shows the life of someone who is about to make the trip of his life, exploring the culture, people, food and his inheritance in the Middle East. This clip above is the pilot. I […]

Opinion: La Francophonie porte en elle un message essentiel de diversité, un moyen d’exprimer et de célébrer la richesse des cultures humaines. La Francophonie est, pour nous tous, une maniére de dire que l’universalité culturelle n’est pas la banalisation. C’est aussi une incitation pour une cooperation plus approfondie avec d’autres communautés partout dans le monde […]

To appease the Christian community in Lebanon before the June 7th elections, the Free Patriotic Movement also known as the Change and Reform bloc said yesterday there were four main issues that needed to be resolved for Lebanese-Syrian relationship to improve, MP Ghassan Mukhaiber lists: The issue of Lebanese missing or detained in Syria;  Border […]

I post this to the people who won’t be forwarded by this, since I am sure this is making more its viral among Jews, Christians and Islamophobes. [Watch First] Not sure what to make of it. The producers make it sound as if it’s bad. Who says how the world is now – is the proper […]

Director Jacky Salloum first cought the beats of DAM, a Palestinian hip hop group based out of Israel/Palestine, and thats how this circle caught up to Slingshot Hiphop. DAM was founded in 1999 by brothers Tamar and Suhell Nafar and their friend Mahmoud Jreri. The group’s name is the Arabic verb for “to last forever” […]

With the recent release of the four generals, the international tribunal in the Netherlands was left with no suspects in custody, after a four-year U.N. investigation. The tribunal’s decision — after prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to justify detention. Who do you think, as an observer, ordered the killing of our ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri […]


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