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Move over, McDonalds. The ballroom of the exclusive Phoenicia-Intercontinental Hotel, a helicopter, a Hummer limousine or a swanky Beirut bar/club is the preferred birthday-party venue of Lebanon’s upper-class prepubescents. But beyond the lavish venues and cakes, such birthday-party celebrations serve a more important, and perhaps intriguing role in cementing  children’s growing control over their lives. And […]

20 000 Enfants Ont Battu Les Tambours Pour La Paix Dans 40 Villes Libanaises. Pour lire les messages officiels, visitez ce liens. Pour plus d’informations et pour regarder les photos veuillez visiter le site :

From explicit articles about masturbation and homosexuality to columns about “My First Time”, Joumana Haddad is out to lift the veil on Arab cultural taboos with a glossy magazine that is already the focus of controversy. The first quarterly issue of “Jasad” — “Body” in Arabic — hit the stands in Lebanon last December. Tongues […]

Google representatives Mohammad Gawdat, center, Google’s managing director for emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa, speaks in an interview with The Associated Press, as Gisel Hiscock, left, Google’s director New Biz development for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Ahmad S. Hamzawi, right, Google’s engineering manager in Middle East and North Africa, look on at […]

IN AN INDUSTRY dominated by kings of the turntables, along came Beyrouth’s queen. The title DJ wouldn’t do for Laila Sarkis, so the era of the DJette was born. This small town village girl is paving a path of tricked out beats and electro funk across the globe, leaving no club unturned. Her uninhibited artistry […]

Aggregated by the Daily Srar – Lebanon is among a growing number of countries moving toward a complete abolition of the death penalty, a detailed report by the human rights group Amnesty International has found. The 2008 study on global death-penalty practices, published on Tuesday, paints a relatively optimistic picture of growing global reluctance to […]

Lebanon’s newly founded Green Party of Lebanon (GPL) declared an “environmental state of emergency,”saying the country’s environment had entered a very critical stage. During a news conference over the weekend at the party’s headquarters in downtown Beirut, the GPL also launched an “Environmental Pact.” GPL’s president, Philippe Skaff, said the pact, which included a 20-point […]

Our Minister of Culture announced on Monday that an Italian architect, Alberto Catalano, has won the bid to design Beyrouth’s Arts and Culture House to be located in downtown Beyrouth. “The idea of the Culture House in Beyrouth’s Centre-Ville is an old dream,” Tamam Salam said during his press conference at Forum de Beyrouth. He described the […]

A Lebanese construction worker has been kidnapped in Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos in what is believed to be a labor dispute, a security source said Tuesday. He was seized early Monday evening by gunmen from a waterside construction site in the city’s up market residential and business area of Victoria Island, the source said.

Salam Hassoun is thrilled by the new flat Hezbollah has built for her to replace the one Israeli bombs destroyed during the 2006 summer war on the Lebanese Shiite movement.  The war ravaged Beirut’s southern suburbs, a Hezbollah stronghold that includes the teeming neighbourhood of Haret Hreik, where a mammoth Hezbollah-orchestrated reconstruction drive is underway.  […]

It is hard not to admire such a philanthropist, as yet again Riad Salemeh has taken charge in leading Lebanon into a relatively safer economic path. Head of Banque Centrale, Riad Salemeh said that he believes Lebanon will not feel the negative impact of the (world) financial crisis if it avoids political and security clashes because the […]

An-Nahar on Monday quoted an unnamed parliamentary source as saying that Patriarch Sfeir’s stance was not surprising to express reservations on parliament’s recent approval of a proposal to reduce voting age in Lebanon from 21 to 18; He had expressed the same reservation on lowering the voting age before the parliamentary session last Thursday unless expatriates were […]

AFP - À voir la taille des draps qui sèchent sur certains balcons de ce pâté d’immeubles, on en déduit que ces affiches électorales n’ont sûrement pas le format réglementaire. Mais comme cette photo a été prise à Tripoli, au Liban, ce n’est pas l’aspect provocateur ou illégal d’une telle campagne qui frappe le plus, mais […]

The president of Lebanon Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) Dani Richa said on Friday that Lebanon was going to have a pioneering media role in the region in the future. He added that Lebanon was the first market in the region to have introduced Television Audience Measurement Systems (TAM) in 1999. Lebanon is […]

Marc Abizeid - Cartoonists representing a variety of Lebanese newspapers gathered in Beyrouth’s Madina Theater Thursday for a discussion sponsored by the Swiss Embassy titled “How to Draw Lebanon Today,” in a bid to launch a week-long exhibition at the theater featuring their collaborative works. The discussion was hosted by Swiss The International Herald Tribune cartoonist […]

It is only a few weeks since Barack Obama’s arrival in the White House was hailed across the Arab world as a time of rare hope and promise. Expectations were always exaggerated – in part because of the sheer relief that the Bush years were finally over. Still, there have already been some memorable moments: the […]

La célébration officielle de la Journée internationale de la Francophonie se déroule cette année à Beyrouth (Liban), lieu de diversité et de dialogue des cultures et pays hôte des VIes Jeux de la Francophonie à l’automne 2009. La présence du Secrétaire général de la Francophonie, Abdou Diouf, est une manière d’exprimer avec force la solidarité […]

Alain Joyandet - Je me rendrai au Liban les 20 et 21 mars dans le cadre de la journée internationale de la Francophonie aux côtés du Secrétaire général de l’OIF, le Président Abdou Diouf. Au lendemain de la visite d’Etat en France du Président Michel Sleimane, ce déplacement à Beyrouth confirme l’excellence des relations franco-libanaises. Beyrouth […]

  Vote now for Jeita Grotto - 

L’Association du Patrimoine Libanais-Canadien vous présente le film “Une Chanson dans la Tête”, un film de 2008 par le réalisateur Hany Tamba, mardi le 7 avril 2009 à 18h30. C’est l’histoire de Bruno Caprice qui a connu un succès éphémère avec Quand tu t’en vas, dans les années 70 avec son premier et unique 45 tours. Aujourd’hui oublié, […]

A petition circulated yesterday launched by “Elna Loubnan” and aggregated here on the circle as it pertains as a ‘national’ petition. The undersigned request that the Vatican Holy Council does not sell the St-Basil Convent (that follows the Basilien Choueirite order, and is located at: Rue de l’independance, Achrafieh, Beyrouth, Lebanon).  This is one of […]

Sur les cinq continents, les 200 millions de locuteurs en français sont appelés à fêter vendredi la 21eme Journée internationale de la Francophonie, le secrétaire général de l’OIF Abdou Diouf lui donnant un tour politique en se rendant au Liban pour soutenir la réconciliation. La Journée internationale de la Francophonie, manifestation annuelle institutionnalisée en 1988, […]

C’est en déclarant l’état d’urgence écologique et en affirmant l’environnement au Liban avait atteint un état de détérioration critique, que le Parti Vert du Liban a lancé son Pacte écologique durant une conférence de presse organisée le 19 mars dans son siège principal au centre ville de Beyrouth. Ce pacte a été signé lors de […]

Nobody’s heard of Mahmoud Ahmed Khaled (better known as Abu Karam), and thats precisely why the innercircle is endorsing his candidature. A family man, a traditional fisherman off the coats the mediterranean, this Lebanese citizen is running for the Sunni seat of Akkar in the north. He’s running against hawkish politicians; and yet his humanity […]

Absent du Salon du livre de Paris 2008  (cette édition, avec Israël comme invité d’honneur, avait été boycottée par plusieurs pays arabes), le Liban participe cette année à ce grand rendez-vous littéraire, organisé du 13 au 18 mars dans la capitale. Dans le cadre de cette édition 2009 (qui met en vedette la littérature mexicaine), plusieurs […]

Armed assailants have kidnapped a Lebanese woman for ransom from the Venezuelan island of Margarita, the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) said Monday. The gunmen snatched 31-year-old Feryal Darwish Issa, a mother of two, only meters away from her residence and later contacted her husband, Adnan Issa, for ransom, WLCU director Ahmad Nasser said in […]

Contrary to conventional wisdom, a viable roadmap for disarming Hizbullah through domestic peace-building exists within Lebanon itself. Beyrouth-based political analyst Nicholas Noe writes in a new report published by The Century Foundation. Such a course should be pursued vigorously by the Obama administration, Noe argues in his paper “Re-Imagining the Lebanon Track: Toward a New U.S. Policy.”   […]

“Qu’on s’en souvienne mais qu’on ne le répète pas!” est le fruit de plusieurs résidences d’écriture de Perrine Griselin au Liban, invitée par la compagnie. Le Liban est au cœur de cette création qui a eu lieu à Beyrouth en octobre 2008. Au delà des frontières, c’est l’histoire d’une jeunesse perdue dans l’entre deux guerres […]

A taxi firm in Lebanon has unveiled a new concept geared toward women, complete with a fleet of pink cars and pink-attired female drivers ready to keep the sexes apart. “Initially, I thought I would have a rough time finding female taxi drivers given that in Lebanon this is a man’s job,” said Nawal Yaghi […]

In relation to our recent post on a smoke free Gemmayzeh, the Lebanese Development Network has ventured into exploring more on people’s thoughts and opinions on banning smoking in public areas, just like in Canada, France, and most developed nations. The LDN is a national non-profit organization dedicated to assist individuals, communities and institutions build […]


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