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Demain, samedi 31 janvier demandez le nouveau numéro de L’Orient-Le Jour Junior Ce mois-ci découvrez dans L’Orient-Le Jour magazine de poche : Ce que pensent les ados de l’amour, de la séduction et du flirt Le phénomène « twilight » auquel les jeunes ont tous mordu Les dessous de la guerre de Gaza Le ebook, […]

Turkey’s state-run Anatolian news agency quoted Erdogan as saying to Peres: “When it comes to killing you know very well how to kill. I know very well how you killed children on the beaches.” Erdogan later explained that “President Peres was speaking to the prime minister of Turkey — I am not a leader of […]

The history of the internet – 2009 The internet in Lebanon by Frenchy – Au Liban, l’accès à Internet est quelque peu particulier. Ce fut l’un des premiers pays de la région à accéder au monde digital, dès les années 80. Ainsi, l’AUB, American University of Beirut eu son accès Internet pour relier son campus […]

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday told Premier Fouad Seniora the new U.S. Administration is committed to Lebanon’s independence and stability. Clinton made the remark in a telephone call to Seniora. Saniora responded by praising the approach of the new U.S. Administration to Middle East peace, saying it should be linked to ending […]

To all those eager to overlook the recent ban on Waltz with Bashir in Lebanon, here is our solution in pure defiance of this law. Torrent it. Watch it streamed online. To watch it stream in fairly good quality and subtitled, one of our innercircle helped in ripping the movie. We also uploaded it on […]

First Dubai, and now others seem to be amazed by it. Noor International Holding is planning on building this massive island covering an area of 127.8 squared miles in the touristic coastal area of Lebanon, the Cedar Island lends itself as a luxurious residential, commercial, and touristic project. Its geographical location along the Lebanese coast […]

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has asked French envoy Philippe Marini to follow-up on a number of developments in the Middle East, especially those involving Lebanese-Syrian relations. After meeting  with Prime Minister Fouad Siniora on Tuesday, Martini said, “as French people we are very committed to national unity in Lebanon, diversity and the preparations to the upcoming parliamentary […]

Israeli air farce flew over the Hasbaya region in south Lebanon dropping a number of air balloons, one of which resembled a doll, al-Mustaqbal daily reported on Monday. Some of the balloons had the following English words: “Sweet for you” and “I love you 2004“.  and One of the Balloons looks like Sponge Bob-square pants. […]

Last week, our government was looking into whether a natural gas find which Noble Energy said it discovered off Israel’s Mediterranean coast also fell under Lebanese waters. A charge Israel denied. A U.S.-Israeli exploration group said last week it had found large amounts of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean that are expected to meet […]

My favorite english newspaper is going bust. Lebanon’s only English-language newspaper, The Daily Star,  was forced by court order to shut down due to a $700,000 loan it needs to re-compensate. The paper has since been out of print and its Web site hasn’t been updated. The Daily Star’s founder, Jamil Mroue, comes from a long tradition […]

Once Lebanon’s most hyped TV channel, MTV would start broadcasting again, making a comeback after it was closed by a court order on Sept.4, 2002, during Syrian hegemony over Lebanon. Previously, MTV targetted the specified intellectual mass, hence a comeback today for the once partly francophone channel could also raise an eye brow to a potential relaunch of the […]

The Lebanese people, dream of having their own history. To be read, printed, understood and forgot about, and settle the present. Waltz with Bashir, a documentary describing Lebanon’s brief encounter of war with Israel to curb the Palestinians in Lebanon back in 1982. Israel itself, well known for its atrocities on Palestinians, director Ari Folman […]

We’ve got a new feed for the inner circle, to keep track and ahead of the news. It’s flash based, so it looks cheerful for your daily news, along your feeds. It works with iGoogle, and many other (flash enabled) sites, all you have to do, is click here.

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Related: Lebanese Expats: VOTE 2009 Elections, 08 Sep 2008 my comments grayed out. A letter, entitled “Open letter to 14 March Lebanon (?) concerning June ’09 elections,” was sent on behalf of US-based representatives of the Future Movement, the Phalange Party, the Lebanese Forces (LF), the NLP and the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP). We still going […]

Consider this a give away. One benefitial feed to add to your RSS, would be the magazine published by MIT, Technology Review. An interesting breakthrough came up today which updates what caught my eyes back in 2007. It’s about metamaterials. The act of refracting light (that is how we see objects) to spectrums with frequencies […]

Lebanese-Syrian check list: Detainees: Lebanese held in Syrian Jails Border: Demarcation of Lebanese-Syrian border Official Shebaa farms demarcation (UN position) Diplomacy: Exchange of embassies Lebanese-Israeli check list: Occupation: Shebaa farms & Kafar Shuba Hills 400′000 Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Lebanese Economic Zone (EEZ on Mediterranean for Natural Gas) Detainees: Lebanese/Israeli exchange (POW) Expropriate: Lebanese Waters […]

The New York Times set out to find the top 44 places to visit in 2009. The first on the list was our beloved Beirut (Beyrouth); And if you agree with the New York Times, having visited several places yourself, contribute and recommend Beirut as well. It appears under Luxury, Foods, and Party categories, and […]

L’Orient – Le Jour en collaboration avec La Maison du livre vous invite au deuxième café culturel de la saison Le tourisme culturel, un nouvel humanisme. jeudi 22 janvier 2009 à 18 heures précises L’Atelier café-restaurant, rue de Damas, face au Centre Culturel Français Intervenants Madame Maud Khayat : Les Amis du Musée de l’AUB Madame […]

After a few spins from certain media, I felt compelled remind those medias and Israelis of the “33 Day War”. …and if you don’t understand, go learn French.

At least three rockets fired from the direction of Lebanon have landed in the north of Israel, Israeli security forces say. Israel’s army responded with artillery. No-one has said they fired the rockets. If Hezbollah wanted to open another front to the current War in Gaza, it would be obvious it wouldn’t make such a […]

La France a accepté d’envoyer des observateurs aux prochaines élections législatives libanaises jugées cruciales pour l’avenir du pays, a déclaré lundi le dirigeant Saad Hariri, chef du principal bloc de la majorité parlementaire. “J’ai demandé des observateurs pour les prochaines élections et j’ai eu une réponse positive du Premier ministre et du président” Nicolas Sarkozy, […]

If interested in the current news, I recommend following the War on Gaza on Al-Jazeera English. Though, the inner circle has seldom criticized and wagged the finger at Al Jazeera (Arabic Edition) concerning local Lebanese news, the covering of the current War on Gaza by the English edition is thoroughly dissected, and well covered (especially […]

I just received this email from Samir Skaff, and I share it with you as many of you have asked for this precisely. Happy New Year You were very numerous to be confident in our vision, in our mission and our principles. Thank you for your interest, Thank you for your participation to the Green […]


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