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Demain samedi 29 novembre demandez le nouveau numéro de L’Orient-Le Jour Junior. Le magazine de poche pour les jeunes sera distribué gratuitement avec L’Orient-Le Jour. Ne le ratez pas.

There is the historic, nostalgic and long battle with the Palestinians, the prudent peace deals with Jordan and Egypt, the nuissance of the growing force of Hezbollah, the constant nag of Syria, the anguish of Islamic dislike for the State of Israel, seen as, implanted in what was once called, Palestine. … A few hours ago, […]

It’s been a while I haven’t seen such an original ad. Guess what the ad is for? who’s it’s competition?

      Soirée débat autour de : Elizabeth Picard, Directeur de recherche au CNRS, anc. Directrice du CERMOC à Beyrouth Samir Aïta, Economiste syrien, Rédacteur en chef du Monde Diplomatique édition arabe Christophe Boltansky, journaliste INFOS PRATIQUES Date : Vendredi 5 décembre 2008 – 19h30 précises Adresse : Mairie du XVe – Salle du Conseil 31, […]

L’Orient-Le Jour entame la troisième édition de ses Cafés culturels mensuels en collaboration avec La Maison du livre. Le premier de la saison portera sur le Bilan du Salon du livre francophone de Beyrouth 2008 Jeudi 4 décembre, à 18h: L’Atelier – café-restaurant, rue de Damas, face au Centre culturel français. Intervenants: Monsieur Denis Gaillard : conseiller culturel […]

In partnership with and Lebanon Expats, M.C.A Solutions is holding a Public Speaking: Effective Presentation Skills Seminar. This is a great opportunity for all employees seeking to strengthen their presentation and public speaking skills. Date : Samedi 6 Decembre, 2008 Place : Crowne Plaza Hotel, Hamra, Beyrouth For more information and to Register please […]

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has said that Paris is keeping “a close watch” on the resumption of normal ties between Beyrouth and Damascus, Lebanon’s An-Nahar daily reported Thursday.  The French prime minister made the remarks as he is expected to arrive here for a visit to Lebanon Thursday afternoon.  Under French sponsorship, Lebanon and […]

After months of stalemate, painstaking negotiations, and political poker play, the US and Iraq have finally agreed on a definite date – to end the US-led occupation of Iraq by 2011.

  Lebanese banks have managed not only to survive the effects of the global economic crisis, but the country has even registered gains in its banking sector. The head of research at Byblos Bank Group, one of Lebanon’s biggest banks, Nassib Ghobriel, believes that the country’s solid banks present “an attractive alternative to depositors lacking […]

For those who don’t know him, meet Riad al-Khouri, Riad is an economist specializing in the Middle East and North Africa region. He has undertaken extensive research on regional trade and political economy, among other topics, and writes widely about development issues. He taught economics at the American University in Beirut (AUB) and the Lebanese […]

Update: Les Chroniques Beyrouthines is in full motion once more! Courage! It saddens me to inform you that Les Chroniques Beyrouthines has come to a close. After two years of blogging, the fine authors of a vibrant, and active Lebanese blog has come to terms with its circle. Jeudi, la petite goutte de trop est […]

Pierre Farah, Beyrouth – I found this site which has an online petition for Christians of all denomination to celebrate Easter all on the same date. Go to to find out more and sign up. The Resurrection is at the centre of the Christian faith, without it there is no Christianity, however, almost every year […]

The inner circle would like to encourage American-Lebanese to attend lectures concerning Middle Eastern policies and politics; and mingle with a very knowledgeable, and educated crowd. n.b. If you think the U.S. foreign policy has been domineering and violent, then you might find many that may share your thoughts, and some who will criticize it. […]

J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer le lancement des inscriptions aux projets DEFILIBAN 2008-2009. Pour plus d’informations, une permanence téléphonique sera assurée du lundi au vendredi, de 11h à 12h et de 14h à 16h au 01-890 960. Par ailleurs, DefilLiban vous invite à lire le dossier de presse concernant l’événement qui a eu lieu […]

Archaeologists say they have unearthed pottery up to 3,000 years old in southern Lebanon that ancient Phoenicians used to bury the remains of the dead after cremation. Archaeologist Ali Badawi tells The Associated Press that a team of Lebanese and Spanish experts discovered more than 100 earthen jars at an excavation site in the southern […]

Former US President Jimmy Carter is expected to visit Lebanon and Syria this month as part of a tour of several countries in the region, official Lebanese sources told As-Safir newspaper Tuesday. The same sources also said British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will visit Beirut on November 27. In April this year, Carter visited Damascus […]

  These days status symbols are everywhere – from cars and jeans to cell phones and, now, even chocolate. We all love chocolate, but what is the ultimate price to pay for the delicious dessert?  Patchi, the famous Lebanese luxury chocolate-makers, have taken decadence to a new level. Recently, they launched the world’s most prestigious […]

After the great success of last year’s “Lebanese Night” at Club Moomba, Lebanus is pleased to invite you and your friends to the biggest Lebanese party ever at Opera Club in Downtown Montreal. Come and experience the great Lebanese atmosphere, the elegant crowd and the unique setting at Opera Club on Friday, Nov.14, 08. We […]

Leo Burnett Beirut is working on the ‘Khedé Kasra’ campaign which you might have already come across on the streets or on TV. In case you don’t know it yet, the agency has put together a campaign to empower Lebanese women, to more actively participate in society and take on a bigger social and political role. […]

With the Middle Eastern blogosphere passing comments of Obama in their favor, I figure the dispute would go something like this.

  LEBANON – The launch of the first Beirut Human Rights Film Festival in Lebanon this week helped viewers cut through the taboo surrounding issues such as domestic violence, child labour and sexual abuse and forced them to confront them on the big screen.   The festival, partly funded by World Vision, invited university and […]

This must be surprising to the rest of world. How courageous and astonishing the rate of evolution Americans have surpassed. America is founded by emigrants, lest we forget the massacres they have done by the hatchet to gain the lands of the new world. Regardless of ones skin color, religion, and background, Americans have gone […]

By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD New York Times Published: October 30, 2008 The Phoenicians, enigmatic people from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, stamped their mark on maritime history, and now research has revealed that they also left a lasting genetic imprint. Scientists reported Thursday that as many as 1 in 17 men living today on […]

Lebanon arrests two accused of spying for Israel – AFP Do Lebanese boast as much when they capture Syrian Spies? As far as Israeli/Syrian espionage goes, l wonder if we make such headlines when Lebanon catches a Syrian spy, commonly known as ‘Mukhabarat’. Everybody roaming in the country, looking for trouble. Ahh, poor tiny Lebanon. […]

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