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Not sure what their relation is to Beirut the city, but it sure sounds like our cafe bars.

Prior to my comment at Beirut to the Beltway, the Lebanese Daily Star, have stated that Seniora answered back in London, that “Israel is our only enemy”. Seniora added Lebanon was seeking “good relations” with Syria and Iran. “However, relations must be based on mutual respect. It is not acceptable for Iran to view Lebanon as […]

L’Orient-Le Jour’s editor Issa Goraieb points out today, an interesting idiosyncratic idea on Lebanon’s social acceptance of the “other’s” grievance. I wonder, would a Lebanese march 14 supporter, sympathize with the rest of Lebanon on Mughniyeh’s death? Inversely, would a Lebanese Hezbollah supporter sympathize with the fact, that the majority of Lebanese feels Syria killed […]

France 24 covers: Une vingtaine de blessés dans des affrontements (video) Sunnies against Shiites – You want war? The words echoed throughout the Arab world, where already sunni-shiite sensitivities are rising. Late Saturday night, in the heart of centre-ville; 20 god-knows-who started shooting at each other. The media claims they were members (don’t know what […]

Whats with Jumblats’ devorce to Hezbollah and Federalism popping up? Are We Lebanese Dividing ‘gracefully’ as two states? briefly, One fighting Israel, and another continuing the progress of the last 15 years (?) If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time in Lebanon’s history a politician asks to modify Lebanon into a federal system. […]

If you’ve got an hour to burn – I encourage expats’ to watch a video I’ve stumbled on that may interest you. (Lebanese locals your connection sucks). I was just in Lebanon for Christmas. For those with broadband – I invite you to watch an entertaining documentary involving capitalism, globalization, and world affairs – streamed […]

I was astonished to see from all across the world on TV – my fellow Lebanese, all of them standing for a cause, or several. There was a huge amount of people at the demonstration today as much as my screen was able to show me. Which demonstration? The one running on All Lebanese stations. […]

Lets hope today will unify Lebanese rather than divide us.Hezbollah is out to Blame Israel, and the March 14 are out to Blame Syria. Its making wonderful headlines in my mind. 

My thoughts as the speech played: {watch the time} 0:10 – ‘yeaah I’m the man‘ 0:22 – ? 0:39 – ? why would he mention that? m’kay.. . 0:49 – yes, I too would act if there is a problem facing me. 0:53 – we just had a fire a few months ago? [against who […]

Mr. Walid Jumblat blasted out in a weak sign of anger claiming the following: “You want disorder? It will be welcomed (?). You want war? It will be welcomed (?). We have no problem with weapons, no problem with missiles. We will take them from you. If the political vacuum continues, if arming and training […]

You tell me?   

A private university is a university that is run without the control of any government entity. Private universities are common in Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Chile, India, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Portugal, and the United States but do not exist in some countries. Tuition fees at private universities tend to be much higher than at […]

In the second period, 1990 to the present, real attempts at economic stabilization have been made. Etudes et Consultations Economiques, a highly respected Lebanese consulting firm, estimates that in the period 1990-93, Lebanon’s economy displayed the following features:1 GDP rose steadily, from $2.672 billion to $5.920 billion. Balance of payments went from a deficit of […]

I wouldn’t dream to have the Lebanese army come in with choppers (commando style) evacuating me if I were stuck in Chad, or any worn torn country. Even in Lebanon, the army tries its utmost to protect me. Bless ‘em! Anyways – French troops will evacuate Lebanese expatriates living in the conflict-ridden Chad. Several Lebanese […]

I figure, despite reservation, the need to shed some light and praise on Iran’s reconstruction plans in Lebanon after the Summer war of 2006 with Israel. Somehow, I feel, Iran has some responsibility in rebuilding what Israel has damaged during the war of 2006. Two years after the war, Iran has completed 400 of the […]

Two cable systems north of Alexandria, Egypt were severed, greatly impacting both Internet and voice traffic to the region. The broken cables are operated by Flag Telecom and SEA-ME-WEA 4, and if past undersea cable cuts are any measure, repair time will be measured in weeks, not days. This is a preliminary report on the […]

St. FuckYou hosts a new blog on Lebanese socio-political life, he’s even funny too! (when he’s not mad). Though St Fakoo’s new on the scene, he’s certainly made his presence on the blogosphere and hence the inner circle strongly encourages his predicament and attitude. As more I read his/her/its’ blog, the more I see the […]


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